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Medical Staff Information & Education Hub

Welcome to the Medical Staff Information & Education Hub. This site has been designed  to support your introduction to Island Health, and help you establish and grow your career with us. Please visit the medical staff website often to ensure you are accessing up-to-date information for Island Health medical Staff.

Welcome to Island Health | Message from Kathy MacNeil President & CEO

Welcome message from VP Medicine, Quality, Chief Medical Executive


This webpage is under construction as part of a new initiative for medical staff onboarding. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to complete a simple survey found here: Medical Staff Website Survey.
Please contact with questions and suggestions.



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Getting Ready

This section provides you with the information you need before arriving on site. Review each drop-down to ensure you are ready to start!

Pre-Onboarding (Recruitment & CP processes, & Payment)

There are several processes and connections you will make before you are ready to begin work at an Island Health Site. Below is a brief overview of these steps; click through to their pages where you can find additional information and contacts for each team.


  • The Recruitment team supports you to find your current role and facilitates the application process to become a member of the Island Health medical staff. Any questions regarding this process please contact

Credentialing and Privileging

  • Credentialing and Privileging is a crucial step when beginning your career at Island Health to ensure patient care quality and safety, as well as protection for our medical staff. Please ensure you have appropriate privileges before beginning work at any Island Health site. The Credentialing team also facilitates review processes to support your learning and development and move forward with your Island Health career. Any questions regarding this process please contact

Contract Management

  • The Contracts Management team supports a wide array of contracts including Alternative Payment Plan (APP), Fee for Service and Sessional contracts. Any questions regarding your contract please contact


  • The Compensation team facilitates your payments for services and sessions provided. Any questions regarding your compensation please contact Resources to better understand your payment structure please visit xxx.
Read the Medical Staff Rules and Bylaws


Island Health’s Medical Staff Rules outline the organization of the medical staff and the day-to-day processes by which the medical staff provide patient care. Island Health’s Medical Staff Bylaws set out the conditions under which members of the medical staff serve the facilities and programs operated by Island Health, provide patient care, and offer medical advice to the Board of Directors.


Find current information and updates

Medical Staff Website

  • This Medical Staff website hosts important up-to-date information and resources for all medical staff such as a Calendar of eventsNews updates, and key organizational navigation information. This website does not require a log-in and is updated Monday - Friday.

Medical Staff Bulletin

  • This emailed bulletin contains organizational updates including COVID-19 information, leadership changes, changes to clinical and organizational practices and relevant to medical staff, delivered to your preferred email. Contact to be added to the distribution list.

Island Health Intranet

  • The Island Health Intranet is an internal site accessible with your Island Health Windows log-in and relevant to all staff at Island Health. This site contains information not available to the general public such as clinical resources and IMIT support. 
Set up your Systems

Island Health Network Account and Email

  • Your network account has been requested for you by the Credentialing and Privileging team. You will receive an email containing your network login information, email address and temporary password.
  • This account includes your Island Health email address. Some communications contain confidential information that should not be shared outside of internal Island Health systems. Please check your Island Health email regularly; this is a requirement of your service with Island Health.
  • You can access your Island Health email account at any site using your Island Health network login or when off-site, by typing into your web browser.


LearningHub account Set up

  • The LearningHub system contains Island Health and Provincial education modules to support you in navigating our health system safely and confidently. Please follow the link above and create your account using the name and email address you provided on your Credentialing and Privileging application. This LearningHub account will be used regularly throughout your career in B.C.; please remember your username and password for future use. 
  • Set up a Learning Hub Account 
  • How to Log-in to Learning Hub
Electronic Health Records

Island Health’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) initiative is referred to as IHealth, and an enhanced EHR/IHealth roll-out is underway at several sites. These sites are called activated sites; please see “Get to know Island Health Sites” section below to determine IHealth activation status. 

All providers will be contacted by the Electronic Health Record team for EHR training, and IHealth for activated sites. Training must be completed prior to starting on-site for your first shift, including an in-person/virtual session for fully activated IHealth sites. 

To contact the training team directly, please email:

You will need your network login and password for your Electronic Health Record education session.


Parking and Site Access Cards

Photo ID and access card

  • Your photo ID and access card (if applicable) are ordered for you by your local credentialing office. Please refer to your recommendation for approval of privileges letter for the location of your card pick up.

If you have lost or need to replace your photo ID, please contact


  • Parking Services offers information such as parking office hours, bicycle storage, and alternative commuting options. . To obtain information on physician parking rates and how to obtain a parking permit, please contact parking services directly:

Getting Started

This section provides you with the information you need to start working on-site and help you learn about processes, structures, and resources available to you.

Introduction to Island Health




Welcome to Island Health an introduction to your new health authority.



Living our Values: Island Health vision, purpose, values, code of conduct and expectations.


Respectful WorkplaceThis module explains Island Health’s Respectful Workplace Policy and corresponding Procedures, and outlines the resources and services provided by the Respectful Workplace Office.


Cultural Safety
There are 50 First Nations on Vancouver Island and three cultural families: Coast Salish, Nuu-chah-nulth, and Kwakawa’wakw. Each cultural family contains a number of First Nations. The department of Aboriginal Health contains numerous links to local, provincial and national resources. 

For further training Opportunities: 

  • Aboriginal Health: For the Next Seven Generations for the Children:
    This module provides an opportunity for providers to strengthen their cultural awareness competence and enhance their ability to establish culturally safe, respectful environments.
  • San'Yas Indigenous Cultural Safety
    Cultural safety is about fostering a climate where the unique history of Indigenous peoples is recognized and respected in order to provide appropriate care and services in an equitable and safe way, without discrimination. This website includes information about the San’yas: Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program delivered by the Provincial Health Services Authority of British Columbia.  


Island Health Structures

Below is a brief overview of key Island Health structures working collaboratively to support medical staff and the entire Island Health network. Additional information including contacts can be found through the hyperlink heading of each section.

  • Island Health Executive Team: The Island Health executive team is responsible for meeting the health needs of the population we serve in an effective and sustainable way. In collaboration with the BC Ministry of Health, executive establishes performance objectives regarding the delivery of health care, and works to ensure those goals are met or exceeded.
  • Organizational Structure: Governed by a board of directors and led by the executive team, Island Health delivers its services through the organizational structures outlined on this page.
  • Quality Structures:
    • Quality Structures 101: This page provides an outline of Island Health’s comprehensive quality structure which includes both program and geographically based councils, all reporting to the Quality Operations Council. 
    • Quality Councils:This page outlines the Quality councils, both program and geographically based and all reporting to the Quality Operations Council.
  • Medical Staff Structures: This page provides information regarding how Island Health medical staff are organized, including charts outlining the Departmental and Operational structures. 
  • Medical Staff Governance: Island Health medical staff are governed by applicable legislation, medical staff rules and bylaws, and Island Health policies. These regulations and rules govern the activities and expectations of Island Health's medical staff.  
  • Medical Staff Associations: There are 11 local Medical Staff Associations across Island Health providing collaborative engagement and advocacy for medical staff.
Medical and Academic Affairs

Island Health's Medical and Academic Affairs provides services to support an engaged and healthy medical staff that works with Island Health to co-lead and respond effectively to the rapidly changing world of health care.

  • Contract Management
    The Contract Management team negotiates and prepares medical staff contracts for clinical, on-call, medical leadership and physician administrative services, processes medical staff payments, facilitates medical staff contract management and provides stewardship for Ministry funds that support these services.
  • Practice Design Support
    The Medical Staff, Practice Design Support team aligns with Medical and Academic Affairs’ physician engagement priorities and Medical Staff Human Resource Plan development by working collaboratively with programs to define physicians’ roles, services, and organizational impacts as well as providing support through financial analysis.
  • Physician Quality Improvement (PQI)
    The Physician Quality Improvement (PQI) team offers online learning, introductory workshops and a comprehensive 12-month Cohort training program to all medical staff including privileged GPs, Specialists, Midwives and Nurse Practitioners.
  • Recruitment
    The Medical Staff Recruitment team is responsible for the following: Recruitment of General Practitioners and Specialists (pre-screening of applicants, obtaining references, coordination of interviews and site visits, and preparation of offer letters), Recruitment of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) (Provide ongoing support to IMGs and their families as they relocate to Vancouver Island).
  • Credentialing and Privileging
    The Credentialing and Privileging team is responsible for medical staff appointments (also known as credentialing) and Island Health privileges. Each physician, midwife, dentist and nurse practitioner must receive an appointment to the medical staff prior to Island Health practicing in our facilities or community services. The Credentialing and Privileging team coordinates new applications for privileges, reappointment processes and changes to privileges as governed by Island Health's Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules.
  • Governance
    The Governance Team is strategically aligned with Island Health Leadership and the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC). This team: Oversees implementation of strategic initiatives to support all aspects of medical staff governance and engagement in accordance with the Medical Staff Bylaws (MSB) and Medical Staff Rules (MSR), and Island Health policies and procedures. Supports the development, implementation, and administration of the Medical Staff Department Structure.
  • Communications and Development
    The Communications and Development team works on Improving communication and engagement through medical leader onboarding, orientation & town halls, medical staff recognition, medical staff onboarding, navigation supports & resources, and enhanced rural programs liaison support. Supporting education and development through departmental CPD rounds, CME accreditation advisory support, community rural CME support, leadership development programing and education funding administration.
  • Enhanced Medical Staff Support (EMSS)
    The EMSS team in Medical Affairs supports medical leaders who may be asked to attend to concerns raised regarding professionalism of medical staff. EMSS supports and helps to resolve professional issues as they arise, and works proactively to enhance the capacity and ability of medical and other leaders across the organization to understand, manage and resolve concerns.
  • The Medical and Academic Affairs team  is under the leadership of Dr. Ben Williams, Vice President, Medicine, Quality, Research & Chief Medical Officer. Click here to learn more about Medical and Academic Affairs.
Get to know Island Health Sites

North Island

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives 

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives 

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives


Rural sites eligible for rural incentives


Central Island 

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives 

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives 

Rural sites eligible for rural incentives 


South Island


Victoria General Hospital


Royal Jubilee Hospital


Saanich Peninsula Hospital

Get to know your Department

Here you will find department specific information including, department specific education, news, and departmental policies.

Patient Safety & Quality


Violence Prevention
This e-learning course is intended for non-unionized medical staff within the health authorities, such as physicians, dentists, etc.  


Hand Hygiene
In this module you will learn about the role that hand hygiene plays in preventing infections, and when and how to properly clean your hands to prevent the spread of infection.


Mental Health Act
This online module provides an overview of the Mental Health Act of British Columbia. It offers a basic understanding of the legislation of the Act, the responsibilities of care staff and physicians, and rights of the patient.


Disclosure of adverse events
Disclosure of adverse events to patients is a legal requirement in Canada. The learning goal of this course is to familiarize staff with the recommended disclosure process.

Patient Safety & Learning System

The BC Patient Safety & Learning System (PSLS) is a web-based patient safety event reporting tool that helps health-care providers manage patient safety events and share lessons learned to improve patient safety and quality of care.


Patient Safety Learning System video

A training video teaching you how to report incidents in the Patient Safety & Learning System.

Safety at work: Island Health Safety Hub

A central source for safety information and reporting pathways. Visit this page to find resources to support freedom from the risk of injury, danger or loss, and from physical and psychological harm for yourself and patients.

Medication Safety

This Medication Safety links to resources to support safe administration of medication to Island Health patients across the continuum of care. This team of clinical subject matter experts coordinate with Pharmacy, Professional Practice and Quality to provide implementation ready solutions and guidance for safe medication practices.


Medication Reconciliation
This course provides a basic overview of how to incorporate Medication Reconciliation into practice. After successfully completing this course, you will be able to complete an admission, transfer, and/or discharge medication reconciliation either electronically or on paper, as applicable to your site.


BPMH – Best Possible Medication History
This course provides a basic overview of how to conduct and document a Best Possible Medication History (BPMH) into your practice.

Information Management


Confidential Information Management
This education module will support you in your ongoing efforts to care for all confidential information you may encounter in your day-to-day practice.


Getting Established

This section provides you with information and resources to support your career growth, practice design, and leadership and research opportunities.

Medical Quality
  • This page provides resources for medical quality such as a reporting hub, provider profile, and initiatives such as Choosing Wisely Canada.
Island Health Strategic Framework
  • Island Health's Five-Year Strategic Framework is built on the health system objectives set by the Board of Directors and the priorities of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions. It was endorsed by the board in June 2019.
External Funding Opportunities
  • External Funding Opportunities are available for medical staff to participate in quality improvement, engagement, and research activities.
Leadership Development and Quality Improvement
Medical Leadership Development
  • Island Health’s internal medical leadership development workshops cover topics nominated by our frontline medical staff leaders and are selected to enhance your skills and comfort level with the challenges of building a high performing health care system. 

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Off Boarding

This page guides you through the steps required when taking a leave and getting locum tenens coverage, and relinquishing privileges.


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Creating Connections

This section provides guides and templates to support site ambassadors and new medical staff through onboarding.

Health, Wellness and Urgent Support

This page provides resources for Medical Staff seeking support with mental and physical health, and unfit work conditions.