Communications, Education and Development

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  • Improving communication and engagement through medical leader onboarding, orientation & town halls, medical staff recognition, medical staff onboarding, navigation supports & resources, and enhanced rural programs liaison support.
  • Supporting education and development through departmental CPD rounds, CME accreditation advisory support, community rural CME support, leadership development programing and education funding administration.

Main Functions of the Communications, Education & Development team

Onboarding & orientation for new medical leaders
  • We develop and support medical leader onboarding processes and resources. All new medical leaders will receive a welcome email, which includes an invitation to participate in a medical leader orientation session and upcoming medical leadership development sessions and medical leadership town halls. For more information, click here.
Onboarding & orientation for new medical staff
  • We are currently leading a pilot project to develop an orientation package for new medical staff members and introduce Peer Ambassador supports at CDH and WCGH. Existing medical staff onboarding information can be found here.
Rural physician navigation supports
  • We provide support for rural physicians to navigate the various incentive programs available. For more information on rural programs, click here.
Community Rural Continuing Medical Education
  • We provide liaison supports to establish and advance collective community learning needs through the RCME community program. For more information, click here.
Hospital Rounds, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Continuing Medical Education
  • We provide limited administrative support for departmental hospital rounds and provide guidance on Continuing Medical Education accreditation processes. For more information on CPD, click here.
Medical leadership development programing
  • We provide navigation support to identify various internal and external leadership development opportunities available (click here) and design internal medical leadership development programming (click here).
Sauder Physician Leadership Program
  • We facilitate bi-annual nomination and application process. To learn more about the program, click here.
San’yas Cultural Safety training
  • We facilitate medical staff enrollment in San’Yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training Program. To learn more about this program, click here.
  • We recognize the significant contributions of the medical staff through generation and promotion of celebration stories. To see our past recognition stories, click here.


When to contact us:

    • Communications – if you have communication needs for the medical staff audience, we can assist in developing communication plans and distributing through various pathways including the medical staff website and regular medical staff e-bulletin.
    • Medical leader onboarding – if you are a current medical leader and would like to participate in the orientation activities.
    • Recognition – if you would like to highlight an area of success of one of your peers? We can help write and disseminate a new story.
    • If you are practicing in a rural community and wish to know more about various incentive program opportunities.
    • If you are practicing in a rural community and wish to find out more about community rural CME opportunities. (250) 370-8425
    • Medical staff onboarding – if you would like to be onboarded to either of our two pilot sites, Cowichan District Hospital or West Coast General Hospital, or would like to suggest content to be included in our new medical staff onboarding pilot project.
    • If you would like to register for one of our education opportunities.
    • If you would have questions or comments about the supports of the Medical Staff Communications & Development tea.

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