Medical Leader Onboarding

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Island Health Strategic Priority

Island Health Strategic Framework

  • The 2020-2025 Strategic Framework holds four overarching goals for Island Health – the experience for our patients and their families, the experience and wellbeing of our people, the improved wellness of the populations and communities we serve, and a high functioning and reliable organization people can count on.
  • Workplan - Note wait until new workplan is updated.
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Organization Charts
  •  Organization Charts
    The Quality Structures are the "information highway for quality", where structures and processes are in place to enable high standards of care; transparent accountability for those standards; and a constant dynamic of improvement.

Driving Change

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EMSS supports and helps to resolve professional issues as they arise, and works proactively to enhance the capacity and ability of medical and other leaders across the organization to understand, manage and resolve concerns. All members of the medical staff contribute to workplace culture and thus have an important role. Medical leadership have the additional responsibility for ensuring that concerns raised are given attention and addressed fairly and appropriately and to support medical staff in their development.

Credentialing and Privileging 

The medical staff Credentialing and Privileging team is responsible for medical staff appointments (also known as credentialing) and Island Health privileges.

Each physician, midwife, dentist and nurse practitioner must receive an appointment to the medical staff prior to Island Health practicing in our facilities or community services.   Permanent appointments to the medical staff are governed by the HAMAC Specialists Physician Recruitment Policy.


Navigating Island Health Medical Leadership
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Island Health Medical Leadership Development 


Island Health Medical Leadership Development

Medical Leadership Core Education 

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Key Contacts
  • Onboarding Support:
    The Medical Staff Engagement & Development team of Medical & Academic Affairs is actively developing a robust medical leader onboarding program. 
  • Medical & Academic Affairs:
    (MAA) provides services to support an engaged and healthy medical staff that work with Island Health to co-lead and respond effectively to the rapidly changing world of health care and are a key resource for you in your leadership role.
  • Departmental & Operational Leadership:
    Organizational charts as well as photographs of our medical staff leaders within the departmental and operational medical staff structures are available here.
  • Integrated Health Services & Corporate and Strategic Services Leadership:
    Organizational charts for Island Health's Integrated Health Services & Corporate and Strategic Services are available here.


Medical Staff Rules & Bylaws


  • Island Health’s Medical Staff Rules outline the details of the organization of the medical staff and the day-to-day processes by which the medical staff provide patient care. Medical Staff Rules are established by the Board of Directors upon the recommendation of the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC) and the Medical staff. The Rules do not require approval from the Minister of Health. All medical staff are required to sign in agreement to the Medical Staff Rules before working with Island Health.


  • Island Health’s Medical Staff Bylaws set out the conditions under which members of the medical staff serve the facilities and programs operated by Island Health, provide patient care, and offer medical advice to the Board of Directors. Medical Staff Bylaws are established when adopted by the Board of Directors and approved by the Minister of Health of British Columbia. All medical staff are required to sign in agreement to the Medical Staff Bylaws before working with Island Health.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions and answers for medical staff include: Can I bill fee-for-service (FFS) while providing administrative services? Am I eligible for travel expenses? How do I set up and use my Island Health email? How do I relinquish my position? And more.


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