Resources for External Funding Opportunities

Medical staff at Island Health are encouraged to participate in quality improvement, engagement and research activities both in partnership with the Health Authority and through their Medical Staff Associations and Doctors of BC.

To assist in navigating these channels, please expand on the sections below to see some external funding opportunities facilitated through Island Health and/or click here for an overview of Joint Collaborative Committee Funding Opportunities.

It is expected that those requesting funding regardless of the source are medical staff members in good standing within their divisions.

The funding featured on this page is not an exhaustive list of available funding opportunities. Medical Staff are encouraged to use the resources available to them and pursue opportunities for improvement in their areas.

Funding is by the Joint Collaborative Committees (JCCs)

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The Joint Collaborative Committees represent a partnership of the Government of BC and Doctors of BC as outlined in the Physician Master Agreement. Funding flows through four JCCs: Specialist Services Committee (SSC), Shared Care BC (SCC) General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) and the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues.

Specialist Services Committee Initiatives

Physician Quality Improvement (PQI)

  • Comprehensive 12-month cohort training program (Level 3) for quality improvement education.
  • Dedicated coordinators, physician advisors and physician mentors.
  • Intake for cohorts happens once per year with fixed-submission deadlines through a competitive application process. Applications require an Executive Sponsor that oversees the area of proposed project focus.
  • Application decision is at the SSC-HA level.
  • Additional PQI Fundamentals one-day and two-day workshops available (Level 2).
  • Institute for Healthcare Improvement 4 hr online module (self directed

Participation is available to fully-licensed GPs, SPs, midwives and nurse practitioners with sessional funding provided to GPs and SPs.

  • Alumni network to continue QI work and collaborate with peers.

Click here to learn more about PQI at Island Health or contact
Click here for an overview on the Physician Quality Improvement Initiative from the SSC Website.

Facility Engagement Initiative (FEI)

  • Supports engagement amongst and between physicians and Island Health administrative leadership.
  • Funding is to improve working environments and ultimately patient care.
  • Requirements for funding approval, project guidelines, and funding amounts are determined and decided by local MSAs.
  • Project selection decisions are at the MSA level and not the health authority.

Please contact your local MSA to find out more, or click here for the Facility Engagement MSA Websites.

Click here for an overview on Facility Engagement Initiative.

Sauder Physician Leadership Program

  • This 10 day program is designed for physicians who are taking on leadership roles in their health authority, and who wish to augment their medical background with applied, forward-thinking management skills. It is expected that participants will have completed some introductory management and leadership training (i.e. PMI etc.) prior to enrolling in this program.

Click here for an overview of application processes and for program details.  Contact the Medical Staff Communications & Development team at for questions and to submit your applications.

To find out more about Specialist Services Committee (SSC) initiatives, please visit: 
Shared Care

Shared Care Partners for Patients

  • Goal is to provide coordinated healthcare experience for all British Columbians by building the relationship between GPs and Specialists.
  • Focus is on coordinating complex care for older adults, partners in care/transitions in care, polypharmacy risk reduction and spread networks including adults MHSU, chronic pain, maternity and palliative care.
  • Project selection decisions are at the Shared-Care level.
  • Patient-centered quality improvement.
  • Contact funding liaison, David Hebb, to develop an expression of interest for funding.

Click here to learn more about Shared Care Project Funding Guidelines.

To find out more about Shared Care Committee (SCC) initiatives, please visit:
Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues


Rural Education Action Plan

  • Funding to support educational opportunities, CME, Cultural Safety Training, Rural skills upgrade, Advanced skills and training, Rural leadership development project, Undergrad teaching stipend.
  • Partnering with UBC.

Click here to learn more about the Rural Education Action Plan. Contact for inquiries.


Rural Incentive Programs

  • Physicians practicing in a rural community may be eligible for recruitment and retention incentives, emergency enhancement funding, isolation travel assistance, and other benefits.
  • Island Health completes a Physician Count to determine the number and type of physicians practicing on Vancouver Island. The community, physician and specialist details are used to determine eligibility for these programs.
  • Liaison supports are available to assist in navigating the numerous rural incentive programs.

For more information on the rural incentive programs please visit the Rural Program page and direct inquires to Medical Staff Communications and Development at

Rural Continuing Medical Education Community Program 

  • Funding to support community CME, innovative CME activity through SPIFI Initiative, addressing needs of local physicians and their teams for collective learning, enabling activities that address the health care service needs of the community.

For more information, please visit RCME page and direct inquiries to Antoinette Picone Liaison, Rural CME Community Program at



To find out more about Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues (JSC) initiatives, please visit:
General Practice Services Committee

Practice Support Program 

  • The Practice Support Program is a quality improvement-focused initiative that provides a suite of evidence-based educational services and in-practice supports to improve patient care and physician experience.
  • As an initiative of the General Practice Services Committee, PSP supports doctors to work towards an integrated system of care via the patient medical home and primary care home model.
  • Training modules currently offered include: advanced access/office efficiency, child and youth mental health, end-of-life, groups medical visits, adult mental health, COPD, musculoskeletal, and pain management.

Phone: 250-519-5149
Fax: 250-519-5159

To find out more about the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) initiatives, please visit:
Co-Funded Initiatives

Health System Redesign (HSR)

Funding is for Health Authority led redesign that aligns with Ministry of Health and Island Health strategic priorities. Intended to assist health authorities to receive meaningful physician input and engagement in time-limited acute and community-based service redesign activities, projects and broad scale physician engagement. Physicians interested in securing HSR funding are encouraged to connect with their corporate (non-physician) program director to co-develop the application materials. The corporate program director must sign the application.

Click here for an overview on the Health System Redesign Initiative.

Click here for examples of 2022/23 VIHA approved HSR projects.

  • Application intake occurs once per year with fixed-deadlines, there are opportunities for rolling intake, funds permitting.
  • Project selection decisions are at the HA-level, taking into consideration operation and clinical resource requirements and impact and post funding sustainability.
  • Payments at the JCC non-clinical rate is available to fully-licensed GPs and SPs.
  • Post-funding sustainability is a critical component. HSR is co-funded with equal contributions from SSC, Shared Care and GPSC.

Island Health Research and Capacity Department

Funding sources through Island Health Research and Capacity Department are varied and are based on internal and external available grant opportunities.

The department offers:

  • Support for quality improvement projects and research for clinical trials, publications.
  • Study design support to meet privacy and ethics requirements.
  • Dedicated research facilitator. Contact Amanda Leddy if you would like to discuss next steps.

Click here for information on how to get started.

Island Health is dedicated to empowering medical staff to improve quality of care by identifying ways to improve care across departments.

To learn more about quality improvement at Island Health, please visit Working for Change to find up to date information on how to join quality initiatives, supports for change and Medical Quality initiatives currently underway.

We invite you to celebrate medical staff achievements in quality as work continues to improve patient care through dedicated team-based improvement. Please share your stories with the Medical Staff Communications & Development team at


Overview of Joint Collaborative Committee Funding Opportunities.

* Please note that this document is intended to provide a high-level overview of the various funding streams available to physicians and at times may be incomplete or inaccurate due to changes in funding and programs.

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