Frequently Asked Questions

Compensation, Fees & Expenses

  • Can I bill fee-for-service (FFS) while providing administrative services?

    No. While providing administrative services under contract, you cannot bill FFS for clinical services. We know that often there is no separation between the clinical and administrative services, as a medical staff leader may respond to an administrative question between seeing patients at the hospital. Some medical staff leaders try to schedule an afternoon once or twice a week solely for administrative work.

  • Am I required to have a GST number?

    Administrative services are GST taxable – clinical services are exempt. Where total administrative contracts exceed $30,000 per year, you will need to consult with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or your accountant on your requirement for a GST number and remittances to CRA.

    Regardless of the value of your contract, Island Health is not permitted to pay GST if you do not have a registered GST number. Island Health will pay GST, in addition to fees, once you provided your GST number and its effective date to us.

  • Am I eligible for travel expenses?

    You are eligible for expenses related to your business travel in accordance with the Island Health policy for non-contract employees. If your position is operational, your expense claims are paid for by the Geography/Portfolio, not by Medical and Academic Affairs. Please consult with your direct report prior to incurring your expenses.

Administrative & Technical Support

  • Is administrative support provided?

    No. If administrative support is required, this has to be negotiated between yourself, your direct report and your portfolio. If agreed upon, a letter of agreement describing this support should be drawn up, signed by all parties, and submitted to Medical Staff Contract Management.

  • How do I set up and use my Island Health email?

    Please refer to the Island Health Microsoft Outlook E-mail Menu webpage for detailed information on how to set up signature blocks, create and use distribution lists, etc. If you need further assistance, please contact the IMIT Service and Clinical Solutions Desk at or local 18777.

  • How do I set up teleconference calls?

    Please review the Island Health Audio Conferencing webpage for detailed instructions on how to request a conference account, set up and use audio conferencing meetings. If you need further assistance, please contact the IMIT Service and Clinical Solutions Desk at or local 18777.

Training & Development

  • Is there any training provided or available?

    Yes. There are a variety of internal and external training and development opportunities available to new and aspiring medical leaders to enhance skill development. Please visit our Medical Leadership Development Program page for more details.

Relinquishing a Position

  • How do I relinquish my position?

    Please provide written notice of your intent to resign to your direct report, including the date that you wish for your relinquishment to take effect. Your direct leader will then forward this notification to the appropriate people. Please note that in most circumstances, a minimum of 90 days’ notice is required.


  • How do I hire a new medical leader?

    It depends on which structure the position falls into: