Emergency Operations Structure


Emergency Operations Structure  

Service Changes

Medical Imaging ramp up plan

Effective May 19th, Medical Imaging will begin implementing a ramp up plan including multiple enhanced safety measures.

Reference: Medical Imaging Ramp Up Plan

COVID-19 Patient Cohort Procedure

Guideline to manage confirmed and suspected COVID-19 patients that would potentially require HLOC and transfer to a cohort unit.

Reference: COVID-19 HLOC Transport and Cohort Procedure (Updated: February 26, 2021)

April 17: COVID-19 Cohort Procedure Bulletin 

Changes in Facility Access

All hospital, Urgent Primary Care Centers and Long Term Care facilities entrances limited to ensure the safety of staff, medical staff and patients.  We appreciate your patience, as you will be asked to practice safe physical distancing, and may be required to wait a bit before you are able to enter the facility. Our Ambassadors will work as quickly as they can to get you through the entrance. Please have your ID badge ready and visible for the Ambassadors. 
Changes in Facility Access.

Surgical Services

The work to renew surgical renewal plan starts May 7 with patient outreach. Surgeries will resume May 18. For more details click here

Medical Imaging

Elective MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy are being postponed. All inpatients, as well as patients categorized as STAT, ASAP, and semi-urgent, will continue to be considered essential.
Reduced Medical Imaging tests and procedures.

Medical Imaging Discussion for Referring Practitioners (Last updated: April 30)
Medical Imaging During the COVID-19 Pandemic (Last updated: April 30)

Long-term Care

All community Assessed and Awaiting Placement (AAP) long-term care admissions paused and are enhancing community based supports for these clients. All long-term care bed openings will be reserved for hospital based AAP individuals for the time being.

Seniors Services

Further work is being undertaken in community and facility based seniors’ services to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission through enhanced physical distancing. 

  • Adult Day Programs are paused, and a virtual support plan for clients will be established to best support them during this challenging time in their programming.
  • All facility respite admissions – with the exception of the Piercy Respite hotel and palliative care clients – have been paused.
  • Routine long-term care inter-facility transfers are also paused, with limited exceptions.


Vancouver Island COVID-19 Test Processing (Last updated: May 25)

Island Health is temporarily closing some lab locations and changing the hours at others.
Reference: Island Health Laboratory Service Changes. 

Restricted testing for Influenza A and B in outpatients. 
Reference: COVID-19 Laboratory Bulletin Influenza Testing 

Diabetes Education Centers

Supervised consumption site



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