Changes in Facility Access

You will have noticed new processes have been set up at entrances to our hospitals, Urgent Primary Care Centers and Long Term Care facilities.

At acute sites, the number of entrances to facilities has been limited, and you will be required to check in with an Ambassador prior to entry.  This is being done to protect staff, medical staff, patients and visitors.   We appreciate your patience, as you will be asked to practice safe physical distancing, and may be required to wait before you are able to enter the facility. Please have your ID badge ready and visible for the Ambassadors.  

We ask that you assist the Ambassadors by following the process laid out at the entrance and modeling safe physical-distancing for others.   You will be asked to wash or sanitize your hands, remove any gloves prior to entry and answer a few screening questions. Please know the intention of this screening process is your safety and the safety of others in our facilities.

Thank you in advance for your patience, and for exercising kindness and respect for our Ambassadors. This is a new role and responsibility for them, and we thank them for stepping in to this challenging position. For staff interested in helping with Ambassador shifts, please let your Manager know and email