Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Utilization

Any providers who work within two meters of patients and clients are to wear a surgical/procedure mask when they are providing services or direct care.

PPE during COVID-19 Pandemic, please see below guidance


Latest Island Health Communication on PPE
Personal Protective Equipment (click here). 

(Last updated: April 15)


(Last updated: May 11)


Surgery infection prevention and control (IPC)

  • Protocol for Surgical Procedures During COVID-19 (click here)
    (Last updated: May 25)
  • Protocol for Surgical Procedures During COVID-19: Pediatrics (click here)
    (Last updated: May 25)
  • Protocol for Obstetrical Procedures During COVID-19 (click here)
    (Last updated: May 25)
  • Guidelines for Surgery in Non-Hospital Medical Surgical Facilities (click here)
    (New: May 22)


Emergency & Critical Care

  • Endotracheal Intubation Critical Care and Emergency Departments (click here)
    (Last updated: June 1)
IH AGMPs and PPE requirements (click here).
(New: May 21)

More PPE information

Clickhere Respirator Fit testing & Reporting (click here)

Using and Reusing PPE 

Donning & Doffing Personal Protective Equipment (click here)

Clickhere Procurement of PPE (click here)