Accreditation of Educational Events

Accreditation Process

Accrediting your education event can help to encourage attendance. The Accreditation of CME Events primer provides an overview of the processes by which accreditation of events occurs and how medical staff can claims credits for their CPD activities.  Accreditation for CME/CPD events may only be obtained through an accredited CPD provider such as a professional society or university.  Health authorities do not have this designation. A physician or designate may apply to accredit a CME/CPD activity through the following providers

If you are planning an upcoming CME/CPD event please see the Doctors of BC Handbook for Coordinating a CME Event

Guidelines for Interaction with Industry

The primary objective of professional interactions between medical staff and commercial supporters should be for the advancement of the health of the population rather than the private good of either medical staff or industry.  The primary purpose of Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development (CME/CPD) activities is to address the education needs of medical staff in order to improve the health care of patients. It is the responsibility of CPD providers to ensure that any educational activity is designed for this purpose. 

Please see the following for more information regarding the Guidelines for Interaction with Industry:

Canadian Medical Association Policy - Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry

Island Health - Guidelines for Commercial Support of CME/CPD Activity

Island Health - Speaker Disclosure Form - Potential Sources of Conflict of Interest

UBC CPD Guidelines for Commercial Support


If you have any questions with regards to the accreditation process or need guidance with regards to the application process please contact

Antoinette Picone

Coordinator, Medical Staff Engagement and Development

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