Morbidity and Mortality Rounds – A Resource for Facilitators

Facilitators play a key role for successful M&M rounds by organizing and moderating rounds for your clinical group and sharing information post-rounds.

The role of a facilitator is just as important post-rounds. Facilitators help to effect change by sharing bottom-line summaries with the participants at the rounds, your identified Clinical Governance structure, this may be a local-level clinical governance and/or C.A.R.E. network structure, and with the M&M Working Group.

Sharing issues and recommendations helps the organization to prioritize and action change, a concern identified locally may be echoed across the organization. Every voice counts.

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How to Facilitate M&M Rounds

Follow these steps to get started.

Step One: Read the Island Health M&M Overview Guide for detailed instructions on how to facilitate rounds for your clinical group.

Step Two: Schedule an onboarding session to review the overview slides and ask questions. These sessions will be offered as a 1:1 with the potential for future calendar sessions if there is interest from multiple groups. Contact Dr. Adele Harrison to schedule your onboarding session.

Complete the Terms of Reference template and find a name for your group.

Step Three: Bring the M&M model to your group for discussion and review of the Overview Slide Deck.

Step Four: Schedule rounds and include inter-professional and multidisciplinary representation.

Step Five: Identify a presenter and provide guidance and support.

Step Six: Host the session, facilitating discussions, setting the tone for a blame-free environment, and fostering psychological safety for participants and the presenter.

Step Seven:  Collect bottom-line slides from the presenter and review/edit as necessary based on what was discussed during rounds. Have the original presenter review.

Step Eight: Share the final, de-identified bottom-line summaries with group members, nursing, allied health, and senior management.

Step Nine: Share what you would like to see happen and the final bottom-line summaries directly with your designated Clinical Governance structure (local-level and/or C.A.R.E. Network structure) and with the M&M Working Group via the electronic data repository.*Island Health login required*.

Step Ten: Your designated clinical governance structure and the M&M Working Group  will acknowledge the receipt of the bottom line slide and recommendations by email within 3 months to share an update. Please provide this feedback to your group at the next rounds.

Repeat Steps Four through Ten. M&M Rounds are required 3 times per year, but frequency will vary by group. 

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