Leader as Coach: Conversations for Personal and System Growth


Medical Leadership Event—Leader as Coach: Conversations for Personal and System Growth

Whether you are interested in adapting your leadership style to a coaching approach, or are looking at identifying techniques to support effective team collaboration and excellence—Leader as Coach: Conversations for Personal & System Growth is designed to help current and emerging Medical Leaders enhance their coaching competencies. 

Coaching is a process to support self-discovery, change and action. Coaching is a forward looking conversation driven by the agenda of the person being coached. Simply put, coaching supports others to get things done. When you are coaching someone, you are working from the assumption that they are creative, resourceful and competent. They are not a problem to be fixed, rather a person with the natural ability, with support, to resolve challenges they face.

Healthcare leaders need many tools in their toolkit to help navigate within a complex system. Coach, mentor, teacher and consultant are some of the many hats today’s leaders must wear. Physician coaching strategies have been shown to improve patient experience, emotional intelligence competence, and are being advocated to improve complex inpatient and surgical outcomes.

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Workshop Objectives:

After this session participants will be able to:

  • Describe coaching skills for Medical Leaders
  • Differentiate leader coaching from mentorship and determine when to use each appropriately
  • Identify appropriate opportunities to utilize coaching techniques, strategies and conversations
  • Demonstrate knowledge of practice in coaching competencies
  • Develop and apply coaching competencies and techniques in daily work interactions
  • Formulate techniques to support a collaborative work environment based on commitment and accountability towards others
  • Identify and integrate opportunities for formal training in coaching techniques

This event qualifies for 6.25 MOC Section 1 and 6.25 Mainpro+ Group Learning credits.

For more information on the workshops please contact MedStaffDevelopment@islandhealth.ca

Past Events:

November 23, 2018