Island Health PQI project aims to relieve the stress of pandemic health care workers

Victoria psychiatrist Dr. Joanna Cheek and her team—psychiatrists, family doctors, residents, medical students, counsellors, and specialist consultants created a Stress First Aid and Peer Support Virtual Workshop to assist their frontline peers.

For health care providers, extreme stress is an expected side effect of working on the front lines during a pandemic. In addition to the stress of treating patients with so many unknowns, concerns about contracting the virus and spreading it to others is profound in the medical community.

Victoria psychiatrist Dr Joanna Cheek recognized early on that frontline workers would need a psychosocial response to this stress. Already working on a Physician-Led Quality Improvement (PQI) project, she was able to work with PQI manager Jennie Aitken to pivot, create a new team, and create a Stress First Aid and Peer Support virtual workshop that was supported by PQI and the Specialist Services Committee (SSC).


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