Taylor Heywood - Design Administrator and Coordinator


As the Design Administrator and Coordinator for the Island Health Medical Staff Website, Taylor focuses on keeping the website updated with relevant medical news and helps create a weekly medical staff bulletin. Because he has been able to connect with various Island Health staff, he has begun building professional relationships that will help progress his knowledge and career at Island Health. “It is a mission of mine to learn new and creative ways to better the medical staff website and to educate myself to the best of my ability on everything related to my role”. Post COVID-19, Taylor and the Communications, Education and Development team have big goals that will hopefully move the department forward, when it comes to enhancing other communication pathways to keep medical staff informed.

Taylor is passionate about his role within Island Health and is looking forward to where his role will lead post-COVID-19. Having started in February of 2021, he joined Island Health in the peak of COVID-19. The fast paced work environment and dealing with sensitive information, throughout the pandemic has been a welcomed challenge and one that he feels strengthens his love of working for the Communications and Development team. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a major in Digital Media and minor in History from Vancouver Island University. Ever since graduating, Taylor has worked in tech jobs where he has been able to strengthen his skills in web and graphic design.

Prior to starting with Island Health, Taylor worked for a large building materials company on Vancouver Island, as the sole Marketing Representative. He believes working for this company and being in charge of the website, marketing material and helping promote events, prepared him for this role.

“This is my first job in the medical sector and within my short time with Island Health, I have already learned so much and feel extremely grateful for all the knowledge this job has given me so far”.

When not working, you can find Taylor running, hiking, paddle boarding, golfing and spending time with his family, friends and dog.

Taylor can be reached at Taylor.Heywood@islandhealth.ca