Resources for Rural Practitioners

The following resources are available to support rural practitioners. Please contact Antoinette Picone, RCME Liaison, for more information.

  • Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP)
  • CMA Joule
    • Clinical Tools
    • Learning
    • Publications
  • Equipment Loans for Education

     Handheld Ultrasound Loans

  • Real-Time Virtrual Support Education (RTVS)  

          Instant Access Pathways (24/7)

  • RUDi (emergency) 

  • CHARLiE (pediatrics)

  • MaBAL (maternity and newborn) 

Quick Access Pathways (Weekdays, 9am to late afternoon)

  • Dermatology

  • Hematology

  • MyoLIVE (rheumatology)

  • RheumVision (rhematology)

  • Thrombosis

  • Rural Education Action Plan (REAP) Programs


  • Rural Skills Upgrade Program

  • Rural Locum CME Program

Rural Practitioners

  • New Rural Physician CME Program

  • Rural Skills Upgrade Program

  • Specialty Training Bursary

  • Advanced Skills and Training Program

  • Closer to Home CME

  • Rural Leadership Development Program

  • Undergraduate Teaching Stipend