Virtual Care Services announces a new streamlined intake process for clinical programs

Posted on: August 2, 2022

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Celebrating over 160,000 clinical video consultations to date!

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We've had an incredible virtual care journey at Island Health.  While our original service began back in 2006, the past two years have led to unprecedented demand for solutions that can enable virtual care delivery. More patients accessed virtual care visits in 2020/2021 than in the previous 10 years combined!

With the launch of our new video visit solutions, patients and providers can connect from their own devices, in their own homes. Now, we find ourselves in a place where virtual care solutions are being fully integrated within care delivery pathways on an increasingly regular basis. 

To meet the continuing high demand from programs looking to embed virtual care solutions into their practice, the Virtual Care Services team has developed a new, streamlined intake process.  This means that every request will be assessed and actioned via standardized processes to ensure appropriate, timely, and high-quality support.

To learn more about our Virtual Care Services or our new Request for Service process click here.  Ready to request a new service now? Click here for our intake form.

As always we are happy to connect to discuss further or answer any questions.  Contact the Virtual Care services program via email at or by telephone at 250-519-1944.​