RCME Community Program Spotlight: Cortes Island

Posted on: June 22, 2021

Dr. Jenna Creaser, Family Medicine Specialist and RCME Physician Lead for Cortes Island, alongside Dr. Rob Comey, Specialist, Psychiatry, Dr. Pam Kryskow, Family Medicine Specialist, and Eleonora Molnar, Registered Therapeutic Counsellor and Project Manager successfully developed a provincial physician learning project on the topic of emerging psychedelic therapies and complimentary techniques that could support patients coping with mental health conditions as a result of physical health challenges or to experiences involving trauma.

The Physician Learning Project (PLP) on Psychedelics and Complementary Techniques: A Virtual Series, has been accredited as a group learn activity and qualifies for MOC Section 1 credits (RCPSC) and Mainpro+ Group Learning credits (CFPC).  The project’s primary objectives are to

  • identify  the emerging therapies in mental health and wellness with a focus on psychedelic medicine and complementary techniques in psychotherapy;
  • identify and learn more about therapies that patients may be seeking or have experienced with underground providers or in clinical trials; and
  • assess and explore the potential of incorporating the use of these emerging therapies in medical practice in the future within regulatory frameworks.

These objectives are incorporated into each of the 7 sessions  which make up the virtual series.  Interest in the series has been widespread and to date three sessions have successfully been delivered to over 100 participants—physicians, NPs, nurses, midwives, residents and other interested allied health care practitioners—across all of BC’s health authorities.  Feedback has been very positive as evidenced by the comments received through session evaluations:

Session 1: “Indigenous Ways of Healing” with Candace Campo, Sechelt Nation Anthropologist, Educator and Storyteller

“Wonderful session, presenter had so much to share, appreciated the conversational approach”

“Generous knowledge teacher”

“Absolutely amazing, open hearted, shared much valuable perspectives and knowledge including cultural aspects of health and historical and also trauma”

Session 2: “My Experiences using Psilocybin in Palliative Care: First Six Cases” with Bruce Tobin, PhD

“Fascinating talk with relevant case examples.”

“Wow, super interesting. Could have been a 3 hour talk! Very engaging.”

“Inspiring and interesting. Leaves me wanting more!”

“Exceptional presenter: measured, thoughtful, earnest. I can understand how he has such a good therapeutic rapport! I felt his answers to our questions were very thorough.”

Session 3: “MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy with Trauma Survivors: Research Phase 2 Study and Clinical Experience” with Dr. Ingrid Pacey


“Great talk.  Increased my interest”

“Beautiful Sharing about personal cases and findings”

Recordings of the sessions are available for viewing on the RCME - SPIFI Educational Series webpage.

The project has been sponsored by the Campbell River & District of Family Practice and RCCbc, RCME Community Program.  It is partially funded through the RCME Community Program’s Specialist, Sub-speciality, Indigenous and Funding for Innovation (SPIFI)  grant which supports eligible groups of physicians living and working in RSA communities to plan, develop and deliver innovative and emerging community rural continuing medical education. SPIFI also enables groups of physician to form networks that are not based on geography so they may collaborate, create and participate in innovative education opportunities.

For more information, please contact Antoinette Picone, Liaison, RCME Community Program