Island Health’s New Onboarding Team Expands

Posted on: April 16, 2024

As part of the Health Human Resources (HHR) Initiative​​, the Recruitment Marketing and Onboarding Services team, dedicated solely to onboarding across the organization, has expanded. ​ This team’s mission is to ensure the smooth delivery, sustainability, and enhancement of Pathway to C.A.R.E.​, a program aimed at providing a consistent, positive experience for new employees, empowering leaders with processes, tools, and education, and ultimately enhancing retention.

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Who We Are​

Meet Maianna Marquette and Jenny Reid, Island Health’s Onboarding Consultants in the Recruitment Services team under the People portfolio. Although small in number, this dynamic duo brings a wealth of enthusiasm and creativity to their work. They are united in their passion to ensure leaders and employees feel supported, informed, and welcomed. Drawing from their extensive skills, education, and experience, their expertise spans recruitment, program and organizational development, marketing, leadership and change management. 

Our Approach

Our team is grounded in shared values such as collaboration, open communication, and embracing diverse viewpoints. We believe in continuous improvement and constantly strive to ensure the program is practical, relevant, and useful. We actively seek opportunities to recognize and celebrate those who champion onboarding within the organization. We’re fueled by lofty ambitions and we’re eager to align with yours. Your feedback is invaluable for the success of our program.​

How We Can Help

Our onboarding team is equipped to offer a range of services, including:

  • Providing Pathway to C.A.R.E. training for leaders and peer ambassadors.
  • Tailored consultations to address team-specific opportunities and challenges.
  • Support in developing and refining processes and tools.
  • Driving ongoing enhancements to the organization-wide program.
  • Facilitating information sessions and hosting open discussions on relevant onboarding topics.​

We encourage you to reach out to  

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