New opportunity for point-of-care staff to lead quality improvement

Posted on: April 12, 2023

Point-of-care staff and patients are in the best position to identify opportunities to improve the quality of our health-care services. Staff and medical staff will soon have a new opportunity to help lead quality improvement at the regional level by participating in new committees with Island-wide impact.

An expression of interest will open on April 19th to identify members of those new committees. Read more below, and join us at a drop-in virtual town hall to learn more about this opportunity.


  • An Expression of Interest will be used to identify members of 26 committees that will be part of new clinical governance structures called C.A.R.E. Networks.
  • The C.A.R.E. Networks will replace Quality Councils and other regional structures. They will complement and support geographic or community structures responsible for day-to-day service delivery within established standards.
  •  Each C.A.R.E. Network is organized into two primary Committees: Clinical Excellence and Operations Excellence, which will work together to ensure quality and safety are maintained and continuously improved within each Network. The expression of interest will identify members of these new committees.
  • There are 13 C.A.R.E. Networks, shown in the embedded graphic. Some are also aligned with clinically-relevant Speciality Services (ie: Trauma aligns with the Surgery Network).
  • Committee members will be selected to ensure diversity and inclusion, with the following being represented:​

    - Diversity from all geographies where services are provided, e.g. rural and remote, urban centres and small communities;

    - All professional disciplines (including medical staff) within the Network, including point of care and leadership perspectives; and

    - Patient / family voices will be included in C.A.R.E. Network committees as well.

  • C.A.R.E. Networks are part of a larger initiative to improve our systems for quality. The Networks are designed to improve the alignment between the work of defining excellence in quality, and the journey to achieve the excellence in operations and to clearly define responsibilities and accountabilities for decision making.

CARE Networks apr122023 smaller.jpg


Join us at an upcoming drop-in town hall to learn more about this opportunity, and others, to improve the quality of our care and services. The first drop-in town hall for point-of-care staff will be on Tuesday, April 25 at noon. Click here for connection and schedule details