Immunization Status Self-Reporting Tool Expansion

Posted on: May 3, 2023

Do you know the recommended immunizations for your area of work? Does Island Health have the full picture of your current immunization status?Immunity guage.jpg

The Provincial Workplace Health Contact Center (PWHCC) will be reaching out to staff, via email, over the coming months to provide you with an opportunity to review and update your immunization record.

The expansion of the Self-Reporting tool will allow for efficient response and support following a communicable disease exposure in the workplace. It will help to protect you and prevent the spread of disease between you and your patients, your colleagues, your family and your friends. 

For more information on how the Employee Health Advisors and the PWHCC support your health, at work and beyond – check out the following resource page and supporting FAQ document.

Immunizations & Infectious Disease Exposure

Immunization Self-Reporting tool​ FAQs.​