Fit Feb Challenge

Posted on: January 24, 2023

February is Heart Month, and Island Health is joining the annual Fit Feb Challenge along with IWK Children's Heart Centre team in Halifax! 

Cardiology-FitFeb-Jan2023 r (1).jpg

Members of the VGH Pediatric Ambulatory Cardiology Clinic, from left, Dr. Aisling Young (Pediatric Cardiologist), Courtenay Scott (Pediatric Nurse Clinician), Joel Lester (Pediatric Sonographer), and Anne Carelli (Pediatric Nurse Clinician).

February is a cold, dark month, and motivation to stay active can sometimes fade in the winter time. The Fit Feb challenge is meant to encourage participants to complete a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity every single day in February.  This activity can be anything that gets you moving, and should ideally be something you enjoy! This is a personal challenge; we just want to provide the motivation to move.

How do I take the challenge?

  1. Email Megan to sign up, indicating that you're up for the (free!) Fit Feb challenge. 
  2. Download the motivational calendar, print off, and post somewhere that you'll see it every day. 
  3. Each day, put a checkmark or a sticker on your calendar once you've completed your 30 minutes of movement – it's surprisingly motivating! 
  4. Enter the Fit Feb Prize Draw by submitting your completed calendar (or photo evidence of it) by March 6​
  5. Tell your co-workers about the challenge – it's always easier with an “accountabili-buddy"

Make Fit Feb a fun experience at work:

  • Take the stairs all month
  • Start a lunch-time walking group 
  • Choose a step goal, and track your daily steps for the month
  • Keep a water bottle at your desk and stay hydrated; you'll also move more often to go to the washroom!