Welcome Dr. Wei-Yi Song Department Head and Island Medical Director of Psychiatry, Mental Health and Substance Use

Effective January 1st, 2020, Dr. Wei-Yi Song assumes the Department Head and Island Medical Director of Psychiatry, Mental Health and Substance Use role.   

 Dr. Song has held many medical leadership roles since arriving in Victoria 20 years ago.  Dr. Song was elected in 2017 as the President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association and is honored to be the first CPA president of East Asian decent.  

 After completing medical school in China, Dr. Song worked as a research associate at McGill University then completed his residency at the University of Saskatchewan. On Vancouver Island, Dr. Song fed his passion for educating the next generation of physicians by helping to set up the first Island Medical Program clerkship and serving as the undergraduate chair for psychiatry at the University of BC. Today he continues his role as the associate program director of the Vancouver Island Track Residency Program – the first Royal College training program on the Island.

 Dr. Song loves the field of medicine for it’s ability to make a difference in people’s lives and plans to continue to be involved in psychiatric research and innovation. When not practicing, he is likely skiing, doing yoga, martial arts, golfing or motorcycle riding.