Medical Staff Recognition

At Island Health, we want to recognize the contributions, commitment, dedication, and service the Medical Staff provide to patients across Vancouver Island.

BC Family Doctors Day & National Physicians' Day

In tribute to the many dedicated physicians practicing at Island Health and in honour of BC Family Doctors Day and National Physicians’ Day, we are profiling some of the doctors leading innovations and delivering high quality service to show the human behind the profession.

Doctors of BC honors Dr Bri Bentzon Budlovsky and Dr Anne Nguyen for National Physicians Day (click here). 

International Women's Day

Healthcare Heroes

Thank you to our "Everyday Heroes" who dedicate themselves to providing outstanding care and service to the patients of Vancouver Island. 

Want to Recognize a Colleague?

Do you have a story you would like to share about a Medical Staff member’s retirement or significant contributions? A professional or academic achievement, quality improvement project, or someone who has gone above and beyond that you would like to acknowledge?

Please contact us at - We would love to hear from you!