May 5th is the International Day of The Midwife - Jill Pearman RM

Jill Pearman RM shares her thanks to all the midwives practicing in our communities across Island Health. The care you provide to women and newborns is valued and appreciated every day.

Deputy department head Jill Pearman shared an important message with her team, “I get excited by the positive potential for Midwifery moving forward and am proud to be a part of our Island Midwifery community of practice. We are now recognized as valued members of our teams in communities and hospitals – and have maintained the core values of Midwifery for the clients we care for.”

Jill and other Island Health midwives, Ilana Stanger-Ross and Aly JonesLauren MacHattieMichelle Buchmann and Joanna Webber are featured on the Midwives Association of BC website. Learn more about what drives them and how they are coping with COVID-19.