Super-user physicians help peers adapt the EHR to their needs

Posted on: June 26, 2024

2024-06-13_Resident_Megan_Singh_helps_ED_staff (2).jpg

Dr. Megan Singh (centre in photo), a resident physician in Emergency Medicine from Vancouver General Hospital, was on site in the RJH Emergency Room to help staff personalize and adapt to the new capabilities in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) during the first days of Go-Live. 

There were 32 resident physicians, from numerous regions, using their familiarity with EHR to support staff and medical staff through the transition.

“I feel like my role is helping Emergency Room physicians make the system as optimized as possible to their personal preference," Megan explained during her shift.

“One ER physician asked me urgently for help because she thought she made a mistake and jumped the line, when a patient was picked up within minutes of entering the CT order. That's truly how efficient the new system is when they instantaneously get the requisition. Previously, this would have taken about five steps to walk over, write the chart, fax it, then radiology would have to receive it and protocol it."

Staff in Emergency have felt supported by Megan.

“She's been phenomenal," said Amanda Paquette, an RN and Clinical Nurse Educator in the ED, about the help they've received from Megan.

“I've seen a lot of improvement from Saturday (June 8) to today," shared Megan. “We've had some people excited about some of the specific personalization they've got. They're excited about how efficient it's getting in certain steps. As things get more efficient, it will mean we have more time for patient care."​

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