Emergency Services Branch, Island Health Sitrep | Situation Report No. 3 (as of 24 Mar 2020)

Distributed to all Island EDs and to EOC-Operations, Operations Clinical Divisions.

Emergency Services including Island Emergency Departments and Urgent Care Centers produce this report. Issued by Damian Lange & Dr. Drew Digney. It covers the period from 20 to 24 Mar 2020. The next report will be issued on or around 27 Mar.



  • At this morning’s ED Quality Council leadership touch-base, we again, reiterated the decision that was made on March 20 re: As more undifferentiated patients arrive to our departments, at this time, ED clinicians are supported to wear surgical masks for their shifts. Obviously, suitable PPE will have to be used and discarded appropriately for suspected or positive COVID presentations or other associated precautions patients.
  • Judicious PPE use is mandatory during this time. We all need to do our part!
  • Note below on general mask use.
  • Procedure mask (without visor) to be worn in clinical area – changed when damp or difficult to breathe through (often 2-4 hours)
  • When a patient requires droplet/contact precautions – the procedure mask will be removed and disposed of appropriately and comply with droplet/contact precautions
  • Daily Safety Huddles – please ensure you are huddling with your teams numerous times/day to ensure clarity of expectations, share information and updates, hold Q&A conversations, address concerns, and give thanks!
  • New communication site is up and running on Slack.  Please email Dr. Omar Ahmad to get added.


617 Confirmed cases within B.C.

44 Confirmed cases within Island Health

4 Current inpatients with Island Health

0 Deaths within Island Health

13 Deaths wtihin BC


**Data above pulled from Dr. Bonnie Henry’s PHO update on March 24, 2020