Dr. Jerome Dansereau receives Lifetime Achievement award

Dear Colleagues,

This year we have initiated a new medical staff recognition effort, with our first (to be annual) Lifetime Achievement award. This award is given to a member of our medical staff who is seen to have made a major contribution to our services, and to the populations of Vancouver Island. We surveyed our Division and Section heads for nominations.

For our first year, we are very proud to present this to Dr Jerome Dansereau.

With the nomination from his colleagues, Dr Hayley Bos provided the following letter:

“Dr. Dansereau joined Island Health in 1997, as the first Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist on the Island.  He developed a service to provide care to high risk women on Vancouver Island that has since expanded under his leadership.  His role have included Chief of the Department of OB/GYN and Medical Director of Child/Youth and Family.  He continue to lead quality improvement as the Chair of the Perinatal QI/QA for south Island.

Dr. Dansereau has provided companionate care to patients and families with complicated pregnancies for nearly three decades, and continue to do so.  He was able to expand the service of Maternal-Fetal Medicine to a program that now has three subspecialists, thereby keeping nearly all families on the Island.

During his time here at Island Health, he has represented us to the Provincial program of Perinatal Services BC and on a National Level at the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.  I am honoured to consider him a colleague, a mentor and a friend.  I think it is very appropriate that the first award be grant to Dr. Dansereau.”

We are very proud to offer this award to Dr Dansereau, for all his past and future contributions.


Dr Keith Menard, MD, FRCPC
Head, Department of Maternity Care and Pediatrics

Medical Director, Pediatrics

Co-Chair, HAMAC

Island Health

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