Clinical Governance Model: Local Level Design

Shifting our focus to the local level

​​​​The new clinical governance model approved in December 2022 is a single organizational structure for clinical committees to enable shared decision-making within defined clinical governance processes.  Work in the spring and summer of 2023 focused on detailed design of C.A.R.E. Networks at the regional level of the model.  The next step is to establish a consistent structure for local quality and operations committees to ​build out escalation pathways and information flows. 

​Process for designing local quality and operations structures

  • ​​The local quality and operations structures will be standardized for communities and sites to enable clear accountabilities for local decision making to improve quality and health equity. These structures will help to complete our single clinical governance model and support the Ministry direction for Specialised Community Services Programs.
  • The process to develop this standard model will include all of the local leaders, interested staff, medical staff structures and partners such as the Divisions of Family Practice.
  • This work is meant to complement the operational reporting relationship changes that are in motion in Clinical Services Delivery by providing tables that facilitate integration within communities. 
  • A consulting firm is being engaged to support this work, to assist with the jurisdictional scan, and the engagement required to create a well-supported model

​Preliminary timeline

It is anticipated that information about current state and a jurisdictional scan will be complete in the fall, followed by a period of engagement and refinement of the model prior to implementation late in 2023 or early 2024. ​

​​​Goals and objectives of the design process

​​The goal of this phase of the Clinical Governance Improvement Initiative is to establish clear accountabilities and decision authority for local teams to assure and improve quality and health equity for those we serve. 

Objectives of this phase of work include:

  • ​Ensure meaningful and inclusive engagement with local leaders, medical staff and key partners
  • Define communities for which the structures are responsible
  • Develop a recommended model for steering / executive leadership approval

cgii-lld-model-requirements.jpg Local Level Roles.jpg