Celebration of Excellence Awards

The Celebration of Excellence Awards are peer nominated Island Health Awards to recognize  a well deserving individual or team. 

Award Categories

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes an individual who is making an inspirational, sustained and significant difference to Island Health through their leadership.

Care and Experience Award

The Care and Experience Award recognizes individuals and teams who demonstrate a commitment to continually improve the quality of the services they provide, resulting in a better experience and improved outcomes for patients, clients and families.

Workplace Culture Champion Award

The Workplace Culture Champion Award recognizes individuals and teams whose actions make it a better workplace for others.

Beyond C.A.R.E. Award of Special Merit

The Beyond C.A.R.E. Award of Special Merit is a special award that honours individuals or teams who have gone above and beyond normal expectations through innovation and/or endurance.

Advancing Evidence-Based Practice Award

The Advancing Evidence-Based Practice Award recognizes an individual or team who continuously uses current best-practice evidence to make improvements to the health and wellness of the people we serve.

Research and Education Award

The Research & Education Award recognizes an individual or team who makes scholarly contributions to health and care through research and education.

Collaborative Partnerships Award

The Collaborative Partnerships Award recognizes individuals or teams who work closely with internal, external and/or contracted partners to the benefit of the people and communities we serve.

Quality Champions Award

The Quality Champions Award recognizes teams who have undertaken quality improvement projects in one or more of the four areas of care as defined by the BC Health Quality Matrix ( Staying Healthy, Getting Better, Living with Illness, Coping with End-of-Life).

Nomination Process

How to nominate someone for the Celebration of Excellence Program:

Choose one category that best applies to your nominee, individual or team.

Provide the nominee's information (full name, job title, email address, department, site and manager/supervisor's full name, and director's name)

Provide the second nominator's information (full name, email, department and site.) Each nomination must be supported by two (2) nominators. 

Write a description of the reasons for the nomination, including:

  • How the nominee's actions support the nomination category you have selected (provide specific examples)
  • A description of the benefits and/or results of those actions
  • How the nominee(s) go above and beyond to demonstrate excellence

Please make sure you have all the information noted above to help you fill out the nomination form.

Timeline for Celebration of Excellence Program


Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Deadline for nominations



September 30

December 31

Nomination Review (by the Celebration of Excellence committee)





Awards approved and announced

end of April

end of July

end of October

end of January