Site Medical Lead - Health Point Care Centre (100-1800)

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The Site Medical Lead is a co-leadership position with operational and decision-making responsibilities.  With the Site Manager co-lead, the Site Medical Lead works proactively with others to establish team based care and integrated care amongst Primary Care Providers (PCPs) and staff to support quality primary care and continuous improvement of services.  This position reports to the Medical Director, Urban Greater Victoria.

Main responsibilities: 
1. Leadership: Co-leads activities to ensure primary care providers and staff work as a team to monitor and improve service delivery; links with other Island Health services as needed to address matters of HPCC operations including PCP governance and issues of professional medical practice. 

2. Operations & Quality: Implements processes and structures to engage PCPs and staff in continuous quality improvement of service delivery; monitors team budget and performance jointly with co-leader, and makes course corrections when necessary; initiates investigations of team-related PSLS and PCQO events. 

3. Change Management: Acts as change management champion to engage and support PCPs and staff through change. 

4. Informatics (EMR/EHR): Leads team activities that advance technology and data use to improve service delivery using the electronic health records (EHR) in collaboration with the Quality Systems team. 

5. Planning: Assesses, monitors, and anticipates team resource needs and works with medical leaders and administrative leaders to prioritize these needs within available resources. 

Start date: July 2023

Community Information:

Victoria, British Columbia’s scenic capital is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty and enviable quality of life, this is an ideal place to pursue your medical career and create the kind of lifestyle only dreamt about. Few areas in the world can match BC’s scope of outdoor activities, with Vancouver Island offering everything from skiing and snowboarding, to golf, and world-class fishing. With its temperate climate, rich heritage and vibrant cultural scene, Victoria provides the very best of urban and rural living.

Job Types
Medical Leadership
Primary Care

Health Point Care Centre/Hillside Seniors Health Centre, Victoria

Start Date

Harjinder Conway

Medical Staff Recruiter

Shift/Hours of Work
Fixed - Medical Administrative Contract
  • Preference for Practicing Primary Care Provider (FP) at Health Point Care Centre.
  • Previous medical leadership experience in primary care
Education, Training and Experience
  • Full licensure with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC 
  • CCFP certification
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