Associate Physician Program at Island Health

Associate Physicians  are a new restricted class of physician practitioners introduced by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC (the College). 

Associate Physicians​ are individuals with a medical degree and some post-graduate training, who will work within an accredited program under the supervision of a physician with active or provisional medical staff privileges and who meets the licensure requirement of the College.

Determined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, registration in the associate physician – acute care class permits a registrant to practise in accredited acute care settings within the scope of their education, qualifications, and experience. ​

Why Island Health?

Created from the shared core beliefs of our staff, medical staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors, Island Health's vision, purpose and values are the guiding principles we use to provide the highest quality health care services to the populations we serve. 

Popular for its mild winters and warm summers, Vancouver Island and the adjacent coastal communities are protected from harsh weather systems and benefit from its proximity to the coast. Kayaking, surfing, sailing, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, scuba diving and fishing are just some of the recreational activities that keep islanders busy year-round. The relaxed pace, easy access to outdoor activities, and an abundance of art, music and festivals ensures that there is something for everyone. Whatever the lifestyle you are looking  for, we have it here.

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Our Recruitment Team

Our Medical Staff recruitment team is here to support you in your successful journey to becoming an Associate Physician with Island Health. 

To get started, please reach out to our team who will be happy to help guide you through this process.

Associate Physician Information:

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Subject to the Accreditation of the Program by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.