Appointment and Reappointment



Each physician, midwife, dentist and nurse practitioner must receive an appointment to join Island Health’s medical staff prior to practicing. The process of appointment is called "Credentialing and Privileging."

The Credentialing and Privileging team coordinates new applications for privileges, reappointments and changes to privileges as governed by Island Health's Medical Staff Bylaws and Medical Staff Rules.

Physicians, midwives, dentists and nurse practitioners in good standing with their respective college may be considered for medical staff appointment. If you are interested in applying for privileges, please contact


The Island Health Board requires reappointment of medical staff every three years. By March 2020 the balance of medical staff need to be reappointed. Although the volume of medical staff to be reappointed is large, we are working to reduce the workload for division and department heads by using the Cactus system approval process.

Medical Staff are required to participate in the reappointment process to confirm hospital privileges. The reappointment package is developed provincially along with input from Department Heads and the Island Health Medical Planning & Credentialing Committee (MPCC).

Reappointment involves reviewing the following information (as per the Medical Staff Bylaws):

evidence of current professional liability coverage protection in the category appropriate to the practice of a member of the medical staff, which is subject to approval by the Board of Directors; information on any physical or mental impairment or health condition that affects, or may affect, the proper exercise by the member of the necessary skill, ability and judgement, to deliver appropriate patient care;


The Process for Reappointment:

Providers will receive communication from Medical and Academic Affairs regarding the reappointment process. Anyone going through the reappointment process will subsequently receive an invitation sent to their email address on file to apply for reappointment via CACTUS App Central. The Credentialing and Privileging team will coordinate the processing of documentation and forward to the appropriate Department Heads for review. Once the review is completed the recommendations will be forwarded to MPCC, HAMAC and the Board for final approval. The Credentialing and Privileging team will confirm via correspondence the decision of the Board.

  • evidence of renewal of licensure or registration status with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C., the College of Dental Surgeons of B.C., the College of Midwives of B.C., or the College of Registered Nurses of B.C.;
  • information on any actions taken by a disciplinary committee of the applicable regulatory college;
  • a list of the privileges currently held, and any additional privileges requested;
  • information on any civil suit arising out of professional activity where there was a finding of negligence or battery or where a monetary settlement was made on behalf of the member.

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