Welcome to your leadership role

Welcome to your medical leadership role.  Your leadership is invaluable in delivering the highest quality, person-centered care for patients and families.  Thank you for your efforts and contributions.

To support you in your medical leadership role, the Medical Staff Engagement & Development team is pleased to offer:

  1. Orientation sessionNavigating Island Health Medical Leadership” now offered online via Zoom.  Medical & Academic Affairs welcomes the opportunity to meet with you, to provide an overview of organizational supports available and answer any questions you may have about the medical leadership structure and your role.  Materials reviewed during this session can be found on the Onboarding Meeting page.
  2. Organizational Announcement – We will be communicating an organizational announcement regarding this change in leadership.  This helps to keep staff, medical staff and leaders informed of key leadership contacts and these personalized bio style announcements supports knowing the human behind the profession/leadership position.
  3. Learning and Development – Invitations to key leadership and quality improvement opportunities will be emailed directly to you as offerings become available.  Please visit the Leadership and Quality Improvement page for an overview of past and current offerings.  For a complete calendar listing of all educational opportunities and key meeting schedule please visit the Calendar of events page.