Quality Councils

Quality Councils & Co-Chairs


The Geographic Quality Councils (GQCs) provide accountability to the geography executive director and executive medical director and report directly to the Quality Operations Council. The four Geographic Quality Councils function within the context of a geographic hub, addressing the needs of local sites and locally delivered services and align with organizational quality requirements. Each GQC recognizes the value of linkages and partnerships with community-based agencies and local external governance structures (e.g., school boards and municipal governments), as well as Local Medical Quality Committees, Divisions of Family Practice etc. A GQC is established for each of the four geographies.     

Quality Council

Co-Chair 1

Co-Chair 2

Administrative Support

Geo 1

Dr. Jennifer Grace

Dermot Kelly

Jodi Donaldson

Geo 2

Dr. Ben Williams

Sheila Leadbetter

Krista (Raylene) Hooton

Geo 3

Dr. David Robertson

Alice Gelpke

Geraldine Blairspears

Geo 4

Dr. William Cunningham

Tracy Martell

Lori Stewart


Reporting directly to the Quality Operations Council, the Program Quality Councils (PQCs) function within the context of the Quality Structure to address quality matters that pertain to the scope of a clinical service area. This ensures both organizational and medical perspectives in the development of expectations/standards in care, and includes external considerations such as Accreditation Standards, best practice guidelines, etc.  Program Quality Council membership should include representation from each of the geographies in which the service is provided.   

Committees with a quality assurance or quality improvement role not included here report into geographical quality councils or program quality councils, depending on their scope (geographical/local versus “program”). These committees must be properly constituted and recognized through the Quality Framework in order for the work they undertake to be protected under Section 51 of the Evidence Act.  Committees with a standard setting function will be represented through a PQC.  All committees with an implementation function will report through a GQC. The principles of patient-focused, multidisciplinary care and learning for improvement are applied to all quality committees.  All councils and committees are required to have patients or family members participate in and contribute to, their quality work.

Quality Council

Co-Chair 1

Co-Chair 2

Administrative Support

Adult ICU

Dr. Gordon Wood

Sarah Crawford-Bohl

Joanne Horn

Brain Health

Dr. Kristen Attwell-Pope

Jonathan Schmid

Erin Kilcommons

Child, Youth & Family

Dr. Hayley Bos

Deborah Chaplain

Darcie Reid

Electronic Health Record

Dr. Mary Lyn Fyfe

Dawn Nedzelski

Laurie Thompson


Dr. Jason Wale

Damian Lange

Diana Owens

Heart Health

Dr. Peter Gladstone

Ryan Davis

Michelle Herritt


Dr. Steven Loken

Catriona Gano

Kari Moslehi

Long Term Care

Dr. Thomas Bailey

Carmella Vezza

Heidi Krebs

Medical Imaging

Dr. John Mathieson

Lori House

Jessica Tweedhope


Dr. Alan Buckley

Tracy A. Martell

Drew Dell

Mental Health & Substance Use

Dr. Crosbie Watler

Kelly Reid

Peter Keyes

Palliative & End of Life Care

Dr. Leah MacDonald

Jill Gerke

Bianca Cyr

Public Health

Dr. Richard Stanwick

Jan Tatlock

Betty Katan

Rehab & Transitions

Dr. Paul Winston

Victoria Power

April Lundy


Dr. John Antonsen

Anna M. Hill

Janice Jenkins


Dr. Marilyn Malone

Phil Lawrence



Dr. William Orrom

Alison Dormuth

Tania Normandeau

Therapeutic Stewardship & Safety

Dr. Mary Lyn Fyfe

Richard Jones

Jennifer Iskiw


Dr. Johann Cunningham

Anna M. Hill

Julie Malone