New tools available to help distinguish between research and QI projects

​Updated on: February 4, 2022

At Island Health we use an electronic tool to intake Quality Improvement projects for QI Ethics. The purpose of the Quality Improvement (QI) Ethics Decision Making Tool and Registry is to guide project leads to determine if their proposal is Quality Improvement or Research (as defined in the TCPS 2).

The QI Ethics Decision Making Tool and Registry are available as one tool accessible on the internet. QI Ethics Decision Making Tool and Registry Link You will be asked to complete a series of questions about your project which generate a risk score. Projects that are considered moderate to high risk will be offered a consultation with the QI Ethics team to explore risk mitigation strategies, tools, templates and links to more information where needed.

Connecting with the QI Ethics team and the Research Ethics & Compliance office early in your project work helps identify ethical quandaries and can resolve issues related to planned dissemination and publication for QI work.

The QI Ethics Decision-Making Tool and Registry continues to enable the tracking of QI projects within Island Health. The QI for You and I report summarizes Quality Improvement projects entered into the registry and is published periodically during the year.

If, after using the QI Ethics tool, there is any doubt about a project requiring Research Ethics review, individuals should consult with the Research Ethics Office Personnel.