Testing Sites and Assessment Clinics

COVID Assessment Clinics - all closing as of August 31st


Symptomatic staff, affiliate staff, primary care and subspecialty providers and first responders who provide direct patient care can now call 1-833-737-9377 to access COVID-19 testing. Please use the BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if further assessment or testing is needed. 

More Information regarding: COVID-19 testing line for direct patient care providers


Call Centre Hours of Operation Monday-Sunday, 8:30 A.M. - 4:00.P.M.

Ask your patients to use the self-assessment tool at bc.thrive.health for information on next steps. Patients will now be asked to leave a callback number rather than wait on-hold.  Calls will be processed in priority order during business hours but patients may receive a call back after Call Centre hours, as we work to keep up with demand.

Please ensure they provide a phone number where they can be reached at after our hours of operation. A personal health number (or their child's) will need to be available when Call Centre staff return their call. 

1-844-901-8442 (8:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.)

NOTE: The texting option is no longer in use. The above number must be used to access the callback waitlist.

If a test is required, patients will be directed to a collection site. Appointments for COVID-19 testing must be pre-booked through the Call Centre. We are not providing tests for walk-up or drive-in clients without an appointment. 

Most Testing Sites and Assessment Clinics are co-located but perform different services.

Testing is guided by BCCDC Guidelines.

Testing Sites (by appointment only)

Testing Sites have been established in locations across Island Health, many as a drive-through service. Access to an appointment at one of these sites is as follows:

Ordering COVID-19 Tests for Patients in the Community

Health care providers can order a COVID-19 test for any patient with symptoms based the above criteria or on their clinical judgment.


COVID-19 Testing Referral Form*

*Please ask your patients to call directly in to the call centre at COVID-19 Call Centre: 1-844-901-8442 for most efficient test scheduling. 

Public can self-refer for testing

Members of the public can now self-refer if they have possible COVID-19 symptoms and should call 1-844-901-8442.  A nurse will review their history and if eligible, they will be booked for an appointment. Test results will be sent to their primary care provider and Public Health will also be following up with patients who have a positive test result. Appointments for COVID-19 testing must be pre-booked through Island Health Call center (1-844-901-8442)

Testing sites are unable to accommodate unscheduled or walk-in visits.

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Interactive Map of COVID-19 Collection Centres (click here)
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Assessment Clinics

COVID Assessment Clinics - all closing as of August 31st

These referral-only clinics are for physical examination of people who have COVID-19-like symptoms. Physicians and nurse practitioners can refer AFTER a virtual assessment has determined the patient requires an in-person examination to guide care.

Assessment Clinics have been established in locations across Island Health and many are co-located with Testing Sites. Physicians and nurse practitioners can refer a patient by faxing the referral form directly to their local clinic. The patient will be contacted by Island Health to schedule an appointment at the Assessment Clinic.

Testing for COVID-19 may also be done at the Assessment Clinic based on the clinical judgement of the attending practitioner. There is no need to also submit a Requisition for COVID-19 testing.


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