Continuing Professional Development

Family physicians and specialists are required, as a condition to licensure in BC, to document a minimum number of credits each year with their respective certifying College. Certifying colleges are the College of Family Physicians of Canada for family physicians and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for specialists. Each physician is individually responsible for logging his or her credits online in their personalized database on their certifying College’s website.

Midwives are required to recertify in mandatory CPD for continuing competency in NRP, CPR and Emergency skills. They are also required to engage in additional self-directed, accredited CPD activities as specified in their Policy on Continuing Professional Development.

Dentists are required to maintain a minimum number of hours of mandatory continuing education (CE) in order to renew their registration or certification to practice each year.  Detailed requirements, including course eligibility are outlined in their Continuing Education Requirements document.

Nurse Practitioners complete quality assurance requirements in order to support their ongoing professional development. In order to be eligible to renew, reinstate or convert to practising registration, they will be asked to report that they have successfully completed these requirements. 

Professional Colleges

Island Health's Medical Engagement and Development team support CPD by

  • Providing advice on the CPD accreditation process for events
  • Coordinating and administering Island Health rounds accreditation submission
  • Assisting physicians with logging CPD activity and reporting requirements
  • Administering the Rural Continuing Medical Education (RCME) Program in partnership with Finance & Practice Design
  • Administering the Visiting Speaker fund in partnership with Contract Management

For further information contact

Antoinette Picone, Coordinator, Medical Staff Engagement and Development -, 250-370-8425 (x18425) or