The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the quality of medical care and provision of resources in the facilities and programs operated by Island Health. This responsibility extends to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is the Board of Directors’ representative.

An Executive Team leads the delivery of services through Island Health's Integrated Health Services. Our services (or programs) are led by co-management teams comprised of both a medical staff and non-medical staff administrative leader.

Medical staff can assume various leadership roles within Island Health.  These roles include Department Head, Division Head, Section Head,  Chief of Staff, Executive Medical Director, Medical Director and Medical Lead. These medical leaders are accountable to the Vice President, Medicine, Quality and Academic Affairs, the Chief Executive Officer and the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee (HAMAC).

Medical staff are both members of a department AND work in association with a region-wide integrated health service or program.        

Island Health's Vision, Purpose and Values  are our guiding principles when providing health care services to the populations we serve.