Welcome, and thank you for choosing Island Health!

At Island Health we want to ensure that our new medical staff members are successfully orientated and integrated into our hospitals, and lead a long and fulfilling partnership with us. With that in mind, we have developed an orientation process to familiarize you with our organization and get you started. Please review the following sections in which you will find useful information that can be revisited and used as a future resource.

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Teaching Environment

Medical staff are responsible for promoting and fostering a positive learning environment and participating in the teaching and mentoring of learners at  Island Health. 

Island Health is a learning organization working closely with UBC, the Island Medical Program, nursing and allied health programs at island colleges and universities, as well as paramedic and other health and support service teaching programs throughout the island.

Island Health has 85 clinical elective sites for medical students, and over 600 local physicians make up the Island Medical Program clinical faculty.  Faculty contributes to student learning as tutor and preceptors in the Region’s major hospitals, as well as in many smaller facilities throughout the health authority.

The continual development of academic learning spaces across Island Health acknowledges the importance we place on medical education and training – and furthers our goal of drawing the best and brightest physicians to our region.