Your Leadership Role

Island Health is organized by the Geographic and Program Structures which includes Integrated Health Services (clinical services) and Corporate and Strategic Services (non-clinical services). The medical staff are organized into two medical staff structures - Departmental and Operational.

There are over 280 medical leadership roles within the two medical staff structures, comprised of many different roles with varying responsibilities. The following document provides a comparison of the two structures, the roles within them, their purpose, focus, and accountability.

Clarifying Departmental vs. Operational


Departmental Medical Leadership

Roles within this structure consist of:

  • Department Heads
  • Division Heads
  • Section Heads

These roles are filled in accordance with the Medical Staff Rules and Medical Staff Bylaws, overseen by the Medical Staff Governance team.

The core functions of the roles are:

  • Credentialing & privileging
  • Practitioner development (CME)
  • Practitioner professionalism
  • Medical practice standards
  • Medical workforce planning
  • Medical education
  • Medical research


Operational Medical Leadership

Roles within this structure consist of:

  • Executive Medical Directors
  • Medical Directors
  • Site Medical Directors
  • Medical Leads

These roles are typically paired with an administrative co-lead and are filled through a recruitment process, overseen by the Medical Staff Recruitment team.

The core functions of these roles are:

  • Co-leadership of a team, program or services (service delivery/operations and team-based quality)
  • Change management
  • Informatics
  • Service planning


More information on Island Health’s structures and governance is available on our Organization webpage.