Wi-Fi is now available at more hospitals

Two mobile phones

Effective today, Island Health is pleased to provide complimentary Wi-Fi service to Island Health medical staff, staff and volunteers at Victoria General Hospital, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Cowichan District Hospital, Saanich Peninsula Hospital, Lady Minto Hospital and West Coast General Hospital. Staff Wi-Fi is for use with personally-owned mobile devices and will enable access to services and communications that contribute to a healthy work-life balance (i.e. personal email, internet and app use). Other Island Health sites that currently have Wi-FI capabilities will be prioritized and added at a later date as funding is made available.

How to Use:

Complete a few simple steps to easily and automatically connect to the Staff Wi-Fi network with your personal device. (Read detailed instructions with photos in the Staff Wi-Fi User Guide, available on the Island Health Intranet Staff Wi-Fi page.)

Step 1: From an Island Health desktop (PC) or tablet/laptop, enter the following web address in your browser: and login with your Island Health username and password. Follow the instructions to register up to 5 personal devices.

Step 2: From your wireless device, open up the list of available networks. Select the wireless network ‘IslandHealth’.

Step 3: Enter ‘Staff’ in the field asking for Identity and ‘Device9’ in the field asking for a password.

Step 4: If your device offers ‘Automatic Reconnect’, select this option to avoid having to enter the ID and Password the next time you connect.

Step 5: Click on Connect. Your registered device will now be able to connect to the Staff Wi-Fi network at any/all Island Health sites with existing Wi-Fi coverage.

Once your device is registered you will automatically be connected when you are in an Island Health facility that provides Wi-Fi. You should only register devices that are under your direct control and responsibility.

The Fine Print:

  1. While using the Island Health staff Wi-Fi, you will be subject to existing Island Health policies regarding mobile and personal device use in the work place. Read the Staff Wi-Fi Terms of Use and Appropriate Use of Staff Wi-Fi for more information.
  2. In accordance with Island Health’s confidentiality policies, you cannot transmit or communicate anything that includes any patient personal information or confidential business information on a personal device.
  3. Free Staff Wi-Fi runs through the existing Island Health monitoring and filtering services. This means that your internet usage may be monitored and reported on (i.e. website names, IP addresses, or other data transmitted during the use of the service).
  4. All internet use will be tied to your Island Health user account, and you are directly responsible for the activity taking place on devices registered under your account.
  5. Use of high bandwidth services such as Netflix or other video streaming is strongly discouraged, as it can impact some of our web-based clinical applications.
  6. The IM/IT Service and Clinical Solutions Desk DO NOT provide support for non-Island Health personally owned mobile devices. Detailed user information is available in the Staff Wi-Fi User Guide.

What’s Next:

Thanks to the generous contributions of Auxiliaries and Foundations, we will be launching a Guest Wi-Fi service for patients, families and visitors this September at Victoria General Hospital, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Cowichan District Hospital, Saanich Peninsula Hospital, Lady Minto Hospital and West Coast General Hospital. This free service will support email, app use and basic internet browsing, but will be slower than Staff Wi-Fi, with limited bandwidth and an automatic time-out. Users will need to read and accept an ‘acceptable use’ clause each time they log on. Please DO NOT share your staff Wi-Fi access with patients or visitors, as they should be directed to the Guest Wi-Fi Service (see user guidelines). Posters will be placed in facilities for public reference.

In the coming months, Wi-Fi will go-live at Oceanside Health Centre, Tofino General Hospital, Port McNeil Hospital and Port Hardy Hospital. Other Island Health sites with Wi-Fi coverage are also being explored for inclusion at a later date.