Thank You, Dr. Margaret Kilshaw

Dr. Margaret Kilshaw is retiring from her medical director position at the end of November. Dr. Kilshaw’s people-first leadership will be missed by those who have had the opportunity to work with her.

Dr. Kilshaw followed her father’s footsteps into ophthalmology after completing her medical training in London, England and her post graduate training for ophthalmology in Oxford. She emigrated to Canada in 1970, arriving in Toronto where she completed her Fellowship. Dr. Kilshaw practiced in Oakville and then then took the train with her young family to Victoria in 1976 to establish her ophthalmology practice and have a change in scenery.

When applying for medical positions she was frequently told, “well, we don’t have a place for you, but maybe it’s about time we had a woman.” Dr. Kilshaw persevered and soon became the first woman surgeon on the island.

She loved her practice especially with her small patients and the fact that the “eye” was the window for the whole person. Mostly she enjoyed the pleasure of working with so many professionals in clinical work and in management.

After practicing as an ophthalmologist for more than 40 years and specializing in pediatric ophthalmology, Dr. Kilshaw worked part-time as a medical director in Medical and Academic Affairs, providing medical leadership to recruitment, credentialing and privileging and, more recently, supporting new medical leaders.

After getting remarried earlier this year and now retiring, Dr. Kilshaw is looking forward to amalgamating her home with her husband’s, travelling and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Thank you Dr. Kilshaw for your dedication to health care, both as an ophthalmologist and medical director.