Thank you, Dr. Deke Botsford

Dr. Deke Botsford has decided to step back from his leadership roles as Chief of Staff and Site Medical Director at North Island Hospital Campbell River and District. However, Dr. Botsford will continue to provide surgical care at the hospital.

Dr. Botsford provided enthusiastic and positive medical leadership during the transition to the new hospital. This was no small feat. He ensured that all physicians were given an orientation to the new building, worked to troubleshoot access during the move, and ensured that all physicians had training and support during this massive change. Although his is no longer in a formal leadership role, his commitment to excellent patient care will continue.

Executive Medical Director for Geo 1, Dr. Jennifer Grace said, “Deke is a natural leader, and no matter what role he is in, his peers will continue to look to him for guidance.”

Dr. Botsford came to Island Health in 1999 and since then he has remained focused on providing the best care possible to patients. When he took on the Chief of Staff role, he wanted to provide steady leadership through the transition to the new hospital. Now that North Island Hospital Campbell River and District has been operating for more than one year, Dr. Botsford feels it is time for another medical leader to take on the role.

Executive Director for Geo 1, Dermot Kelly said, “when I think of Physician Leadership I think of Deke.  Many individuals were involved in the success of the North Island Hospital Transitions but Deke’s leadership and true ability to build and hold relationships was pivotal.  Not only is he an amazing leader but also a wonderful human being.  Thank you Deke for allowing me to learn from you.

Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Jeremy Etherington said, “we are lucky to have such talented and dedicated medical staff like Dr. Botsford as part of our organization and I hope that he returns to a leadership role in the future. On behalf of our team, a big thank you!”