Thank you, Dr. Anna Kindy

Campbell River general practitioner Dr. Anna Kindy works in addiction medicine and has been a tireless advocate for a vulnerable and challenging population for more than 20 years. In addition to providing care to her patients, Dr. Kindy has attended many, many meetings with leaders, hospital administrators and mental health clinicians to relentlessly pursue better care and more treatment options for her patients. Recently, she was integral in advocating for Suboxone inductions in the emergency department at the North Island Hospital Campbell River campus.

Dr. Kindy mentors local physicians who are interested in addiction medicine, provides inpatient care to patients with substance use challenges and is always available to answer phone calls from colleagues about substance use and addiction.

Island Health is working to develop a new medical staff recognition program and Dr. Erika Kellerhals wanted to highlight her colleague, Dr. Kindy, because “she is truly a local unsung hero that deserves to be recognized for her many years of valuable work.”

Dr. Kindy has mastered the art of showing compassion to her patients while still having firm boundaries – an important trait for many health-care providers.

Dr. Jennifer Grace has worked with Dr. Kindy for more than a decade and knows her dedication to serving her patients. “Dr. Kindy’s passion for addictions medicine is inspirational and she has seen the need for this care for as long as I have known her. She has helped the people working along side her see the importance of the work and has been an example of how we can provide better care to this vulnerable group.” Dr. Grace continues, “Dr. Kindy is an excellent physician, colleague and friend. She and her family have brought amazing things to our community.”

Dr. Ian Thompson recently reached out to medical staff across Island Health to ask ‘what does meaningful recognition mean to you?’ and seek suggestions on how to recognize the physicians, midwives, dentists and nurse practitioners who do great work everyday. A new medical staff recognition program is in the works - stay tuned for more information. Medical Staff Engagement and Development is always interested in hearing about our amazing medical staff. Feel free to contact them: