Self Care Cafe - July 25 at RJH

Two Island Health nurses at RJH – Laura Hiltz and Diane Nadeau – have created monthly wellness sessions called the Self Care Café. This homegrown movement, by staff for staff (inc. medical staff and students), has been very well received by attendees and all are encouraged to go if you can take the time. In their own words, “we provide a space for the person INSIDE the employee to fill up on some chats, ideas and the good things in life that go a long way…like gratitude.”

The Self Care Café topic this month is The Power of Gratitude: Being grateful enriches your life and helps cultivate resilience.

Come for what you can IF you can…we get it…it’s hard to get off the unit especially during the summer.

We will have tea, coffee and come and fill your cup.

  • Thursday July 25th
  • 1430-1530
  • PCC 150 RJH
  • All are welcome…