Rural Leadership Development Program

Posted on: March 30, 2021

Due to physical distancing measures, REAP is working remotely. During this time please submit any application or claim forms by email instead of mail. If you have submitted an application or claim form by mail and have not received a response from our office, please contact us at Please include approximate postage date, the nature of your communication and the name of the REAP program your communication was regarding.

The purpose of the Rural Leadership Development Program is to increase opportunities for rural physicians to pursue leadership training and develop the skills and abilities to help bring system improvements that will benefit British Columbia’s rural populations.

In addition to access to a formalized leadership program, participants will be offered a mentoring opportunity with a rural leader through UBC CPD’S Rural Physician Mentoring Program. As well, during the course of the training, participants will be encouraged to participate as a guest (when invited) in two meetings of groups providing leadership in rural BC (e.g. JSC, RCCbc Core, Dean’s Advisory council, rural HA leadership forum, Rural Issues Committee etc.). Such shadowing opportunities have been seen as important in grounding leadership training in real-life contexts.


The application form and all supporting documents must be submitted prior to training. Applications are assessed and awarded (based on rural benefit and equity) by a panel consisting of a representative from the JSC, REAP, RCCbc, Rural Chair, and the Rural Issues Committee.

Four to six applications will be accepted every year. This year’s application deadlines are April 30 and October 31.


  • Physicians who have been practicing in a RSA community for at least nine months of the past year.
  • Letters from the health authority regional medical director and hospital chief of staff confirming that the training is needed in the community.


  • Up to $15,000/year which may be applied toward tuition/course fees, travel/accommodation expenses and may be used to cover overhead resulting from absence from your practice to pursue the training.

For program inquiries, contact:

REAP Senior Program Assistant
University of British Columbia
300 – 5659 University Blvd
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
P: 604-827-1504
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Download the Rural Leadership Development Program Application Form (Download the form and open in Acrobat to enable fillable fields in this form)