Royal Jubilee’s Mock Code Blue Program Expands to include CPR Wars

Frontline staff at Royal Jubilee Hospital are familiar with the Mock Code Blue program. For nearly 20 years, each Mock Code Blue has allowed medical staff, residents, nurses and clinical teams the opportunity to practice their response to a code blue situation. Under the simulation, a mannequin has a cardiac arrest and the team must respond quickly with CPR and advanced cardiac life support. Each mock code blue simulation provides the clinical teams with invaluable practice to help ensure they are ready to go when the real thing happens.

Led by emergency physician Dr. Tina Webber, the Mock Code Blue program is supported by nurse champions and medical residents with funding support from the South Island Medical Staff Association and the Vancouver Island Teachers of Advanced Life Support (VITAL). Click the image below to watch a video:

This year, in addition to practicing their code blue response, clinical staff can measure their CPR skills by practicing on one of 18 advanced mannequins. These mannequins measure several aspects of CPR including the rate and depth of compressions, how much chest recoil occurs and whether proper ventilation happens. Dr. Webber and her team are encouraging staff and medical staff to sign up for CPR Wars and challenge other wards or units to see which team can perform CPR better. Visit the CPR Wars website to see who’s in the lead and contact Dr. Webber ( to sign up your unit. The competition may be friendly but the skills are life-saving.  

“CPR Wars is a great way to have some fun competition between units and staff while also keeping your CPR skills fresh,” said Dr. Webber. Click the image below to watch a video: 

Not at Royal Jubilee but want to participate? No problem, VITAL’s 18 mannequins are spread between Courtenay/Comox, Nanaimo and Victoria. Just organize an interested group and reach out to Dr. Webber ( to learn more.