Pre-procedure COVID Assessment in PowerChart

All surgical patients must be screened for risk of COVID-19 24-72 hours preoperatively and on the Day of Surgery. This includes inpatient units, critical care, obstetrics, pediatrics or emergency department screening prior to sending the patient to the operating room. The final screen is completed prior to the surgical procedure by the physician and procedure team. 

Starting July 15, 2020 a COVID-19 Pre-Procedure Assessment Powerform will be activated in PowerChart. Staff and medical staff who care for surgical patients will be able to  document pre-procedure COVID-19 screening in PowerChart. Screening results will be instantly available across cares settings and will support data collection and reporting to the Ministry of Health.

The following sites will go live July 15: Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria General Hospital, Saanich Peninsula Hospital, North Island Hospital Comox Valley and Campbell River.

Implementation at Cowichan District Hospital and West Coast General Hospital will be determined after the Informatics team determines resource requirements for these sites.

This short Learning Hub course walks through the process for physicians who care for surgical patients regionally: COVID-19 Pre-Procedure Screening Form for VIHA Physicians

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Providers should screen surgical patients under the following circumstances as per the Island Health Pre-operative Covid-19 Screening guidelines:

  • On the day of surgery: Surgeons should be screening all surgical patients in the Operating Room immediately prior to the Final Procedure OR Team Assessment
  • Patient is waiting at home for surgery- If patient is waiting at home greater than 72 hours, and based on resources available at each site, either:
    • The OR desk will screen patient when they call patient with surgery date/time or
    • The Surgeon booking the case will perform COVID screening and order testing if indicated

Providers may be required to screen patients and/or order testing in the following circumstances:

  • 24- 72 hours in advance of scheduled surgical procedures through preadmission clinic (PAC):
    • Screening may be performed by an anesthesiologist, nurse or clerk. Only an anesthesiologist or nurse can refer a patient for COVID- 19 testing.   
  • Patient waiting for surgery in hospital - Direct admission to hospital or admitted through the Emergency Department (ED) and awaiting surgery up to 72 hours in advance of procedure:
    • If patient is admitted, is awaiting surgery  (e.g. on the Add Board) and is exhibiting symptoms of COVID, provider to order COVID testing from the Island Health lab, if clinically indicated (i.e., symptoms unrelated to underlying condition).

For questions related to COVID screening, please contact Jen Duda, Manager for Surgical Quality:



Quick Tips: COVID-19 Pre-Procedure Assessment Powerform

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