PPE for Physicians in community practices on Vancouver Island

For specialist physicians, Island Health will review all requests for PPE according to the type of service and population being provided care. PPE can only be provided where there is sufficient quantity on hand to support the physician’s priority work without limiting areas within Island Health and subject to the following:

  • Specialist physicians have first attempted to procure supplies through their usual channels.
  • Specialist physicians must provide the following information at time of order submission so projected usage and requirements can be tracked:


  • Name and address of the clinic and physician(s)
  • Contact name and phone number
  • Nearest Island Health acute care location (for pickup of the order)

Clinic Operations:

  • Days and hours of clinic operations
  • Number of patients seen in a day
  • Number of staff requiring PPE (and the type of staff requiring PPE)

 Personal Protective Equipment:

  • The amount of PPE required, and
  • Type of procedures being performed.

Physician clinics will adhere to the provincial guidelines for extended use of PPE guidelines. Island Health will provide these guidelines to the private office/clinic upon request.

Requests for PPE will be reviewed by the team managing the Process Improvement inbox for appropriateness (size of order, type of supply, etc.) before the order is processed.

  • Only 3-5 days of supplies will be provided at one time.
  • Supply is subject to availability, and quantities may be reduced from the amount ordered.

Submit specialist physician requests with the above information to

Please note that this process is expected to be an interim measure as supply chains return health or additional avenues for procurement become available.