Physician Leadership Scholarship program is now accepting applications for IHI online program: Finding and Creating Joy in Work!

The Specialist Services Committee’s Physician Leadership Scholarship program is now accepting applications for the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s virtual program: Finding and Creating Joy in Work!

Staring March 5 2019, this 12-week online course will provide physicians with new thinking, resources, strategies, frameworks, and solutions to help them thrive — not just survive. In order to reverse the worrying trend of physician burnout, the IHI partnered with experts around the world to create this course.

After completing this 12-week virtual course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the value of increasing joy in work at your organization
  • Discuss key leadership behaviors that raise staff engagement and improve joy
  • Discuss joy in work with staff using a "what matters to you" framing
  • Identify how behaviors that increase joy in work improve patient safety and other outcomes
  • Identify and test at least two changes in your organization that will lead to greater joy in work
  • Identify at least two measures you can use to determine if joy in work is increasing at your organization ​


Step 1: How to apply for funding?

To apply for funding, please submit the attached application form to:  Scholarship funding is available for physicians who are actively and independently practicing in BC.  For this particular online course, VP medicine endorsement is not required.

In addition, if you have a department or group of physicians interested in doing this together, there is an expedited application form


Step 2: How to register?

Once you have received a funding approval letter, you will be provided with registration information including a group discount code. As this is a virtual course the deadline for registration is March 18, 2019 (2 weeks after course start date).

If you have any additional questions about the course, please email