Pandemic response team continues to evolve

Posted on: September 14, 2021

​Island Health's pandemic response team is evolving as the scale of the vaccine campaign decreases and the focus on endemic support grows. Many people who have filled temporary roles during the most intense parts of the vaccine campaign are moving back to their primary positions or into new ones.

People who are on the move include:

Christina Lumley, Director Mass Immunization Operations, will transition back into her role in Risk Management by the end of September.  Melanie Stack, who is the Immunization Operations Area Director for the South Island, will now support Immunization Operations Island-wide, working in partnership with Angela Suderman, Director Public Health COVID-19 Immunization.

Kristen Gregson, Immunization Operations Area Director for the Central Island, will shift to support COVID-19 testing, including Point of Care Testing, in partnership with Catriona Gano, Director Laboratory Medicine. She will also support case and contact management in partnership with Gethsemane Lutrell, Director for Public Health Protection & Assessment.

Dawn Lawrie, Immunization Operations Area Director for the North Island and Comox Valley, will return to her role as project manager for GEO 1 on Sept. 30.

Immunization Operations Managers' areas of responsibility will be adjusted based on the smaller clinics.